Paranormal Detectives

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Paranormal Detectives is a deduction party game in which you and your friends use your paranormal abilities to communicate with an otherworldly presence to solve a mystery

Play as the ghost, revealing clues to help the detectives solve the case, or dust off your tarot deck, put on your detective hat and gather information as an investigator.

Dim the lights, grab some candles and put your psychic skills to the test to solve the case!

Free Paranormal Detectives App on the Play Store and Apple Store offers even more story cards to choose from.


  • 1 Game Board
  • 28 Story Cards
  • 35 Interaction Cards
  • 3 Ghost Interaction Cards
  • 5 Detective Screens
  • 5 Investigation Sheets
  • 1 Ghost Sheet
  • 5 Talking Board Markers
  • 3 Ghost Meter Markers
  • 10 Wound Markers
  • 17 Tarot Cards
  • 2 Hangman's Knot Ropes
  • 1 Quill Pen Sheet
  • 6 Pens


Players: 2-6
Ages: 12+
Runtime: 30m-50m
Designer: Szymon Maliński, Adrian Orzechowski, Marcin Łączyński
Illustrator: JocArt - Jochem van Gool