Queen By Midnight

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The Midnight Queen is dead. As her kingdom weeps, the issue of her succession is paramount. To the shock of the Realm, the Queen’s dying wish was to invoke the Rule By Midnight: a 24-hour trial of combat and guile, where the Princesses of Twelvefold are summoned to Court to battle one another. At the stroke of midnight, the most powerful Princess left standing will be crowned the new Queen.

Queen By Midnight is a battle-royale deck-building card game of guile, deception, and brawn! Six Princesses, each with unique tactics, battle it out for the right of the Midnight Court, but only one (and maybe their inner circle) will be the winner. The game features spectacular art and component design, including a rotating centerpiece Dice Clock Tower that spins to face each player on their turn, keeps track of the round and even acts as a dice roller!


  • 6 Princess Repertoire Boards
  • 6 Clout & Health Trackers
  • 108 Princess Vault Cards
  • 6 Inner Circle / Ultimate Cards
  • 75 Bazaar Cards
  • 30 Declaration Cards
  • 60 Starter Cards
  • 2 6-Sided Dice
  • 12 Track Markers
  • 24 Loyalty Tokens
  • 30 Level Tokens
  • Clock Dice Tower
  • Rulebook


Players: 3-6
Ages: 12+
Runtime: 60-90m
Designer: Kyle Shire
Illustrator: Ameera Sheikh, Michal Ivan and Mike Pape