Star Crossed (2nd ed)

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Star Crossed is a two-player game about really, really wanting to, when you really, really can’t.

In Star Crossed, you and your fellow player will craft characters who are powerfully attracted to each other, but have a compelling reason not to act on their feelings. You’ll watch the attraction between them grow as you play out scenes, taking turns describing what your character says and does. Some of the things you’ll want your character to do are going to increase that attraction—and when that happens, you are going to pull a brick out from an increasingly shaky tower and place it on the top.

Playing Star Crossed will feel like being pulled in two directions at once–like when your head and heart are telling you two different things, or when what you want and what you believe in are impossible to reconcile. The game is simple, quick, and filled with delicious moments of excitement, tension, and occasional heartbreak.

The rules are simple! Take out your Jenga set and construct a tower. Pull tiles according to how fated your love is. If it falls, you act on your feelings! If you don't, you manage to resist the temptation!


System: Custom
Mechanic: Jenga
Number of Players 2
Genre: Various
Tone: Romantic, Sentimental
Themes: Angst, Romance, Fate
Designer: Alex Roberts


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