Black Mass

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Black Mass is a storytelling game about seeking and finding in the woods of Salem. Play as Catherine and Lydia, who flee their township during the witch crisis of the 1690s. You share responsibilty of Catherine and Lydia as fractions of their personalities called personas.

Each player has two personas, one for Catherine and one for Lydia. These personas revolve around histories dealing with relationships, emotional experiences, discovery and growth. Each persona is different and sketches out a distinctive piece of each character.

Throughout the game, you draw tarot cards to represent the lives of the two characters as they confront demons in the woods and trek to their own black masses. What will you find out there?


System: Custom
Mechanic: GM (Proctor) & Tarot Deck
Number of Players: 3-8
Genre: Historical / Period
Tone: Serious, Dark
Themes: Power Reclamation, Outcasts
Designer: Will Jobst
Art: Kate Liset