In This World

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Nations have borders...
Police carry badges...
Dragons breathe fire...
You work for money...

That's the world we expect. But what if some of those things were different?

In This World is a story game where you collaboratively make and explore a world together. You can question assumptions and imagine alternatives. Instead of making just one world, you make a whole string, each exploring a different slice of what could be.

From the creator of Microscope and Kingdom, Ben Robbins, In This World is a fast game of big creativity, designed from the ground up so anyone can jump in and play!


System: GM-less
Mechanic: Collaborative Prompts, Index Cards
Number of Players: 3-5
Genre: Any
Tone: Any
Themes: Exploration, Possibility, Assumptions and Alternatives
Designer: Ben Robbins
Art: Al Lukehart