MTG Booster Box (36ct) Throne of Eldraine (ELD)

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Early Release Date: Friday, 9/27/2019

Release Date: Friday, 10/4/2019

Camelot meets Grimms' Fairy Tales. Throne of Eldraine is a high-fantasy medieval world filled with knights and castles along with Magic's take on the genre of fairy tales.

Booster Box Contents

Each booster box contains 36 packs with 15 randomized cards in each pack.

Booster Pack Contents

Each booster pack contains:

  • 1 Rare or Mythic Rare
  • 3 Uncommons
  • 10 Commons
  • 1 Token
  • 1 Land
  • One card from above has the possibility of being a borderless planeswalker or showcase card.

There are {TBA} cards in this set.

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While supplies last, each booster box will come with:

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  • Collector's Booster (sold out)