Spotlight | Submission Form

Congratulations you have been invited to Spotlight at Twenty Sided Store!

If you have not already been notified with the date for your event, please contact before filling out the form.


Published Games

Spotlight events create a memorable experience for our customers. They get an opportunity to meet the designer of their favorite game or learn about your game for the first time. We will want to make sure we have plenty of games in stock for those who want to take hope a copy or get a copy signed by you.

If your game is published and we do not already stock your title, please contact with wholesale info.

Playtest Games

Spotlight Playtest events give participants an opportunity to experience what goes into game design, playtest games prior to release, and give their feedback directly to you, the designer.

Event Requirements

1) Call Time

Event hosts should arrive 30 minutes prior to event start time to set up their table and greet guests as they arrive for the event.

2) Advertise Your Event 

Once the event goes live, you will be sent a 20ss bitly link to the event registration which should be used to advertise. Great ways to advertise is to post on social media, text or email your friends, and reach out to new people in the community.

Social Media Handle: @20sidedstore

Hashtags: #20sided, #bringingpeopletogether, #gamedesignerspotlight

3) "Great Power comes with Great Responsibility" 

Take an active role as a sanctioned representative of the Twenty Sided Store, promote the Twenty Sided brand, and continue to be inviting and welcoming to everyone who comes to the store!

Table Displays / Signage

Having signage is a great.

We have 8.5" x 11" vertical plexi sign holders for the tables, and other small stands for smaller flyers or postcards. We also have a cork board for larger posters.

If you need any materials printed out, please send an email 24 hours prior to your event to:

Confirmation Cancellations

Life happens! 
If you cannot make it to the event, for whatever reason after registration has gone live, please contact me as soon as you know so I can make the appropriate arrangements.

If you are notifying me in less than 48hrs, please reach me on my cell 917.859.7727


I thank you all, deeply, for your contribution to our goal in making the Twenty Sided Store the best place in all the land to play games!