Arkham Horror LCG Core Set (Revised)

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In the sleepy town of Arkham, Massachusetts, intrepid investigators seek to uncover the nature of a sinister menace that threatens humanity. But investigators beware! The arcane realm holds countless terrors and investigators must take care to maintain a tenuous grip upon their very sanity, and survive.

Arkham Horror LCG is a 1-4 player cooperative game in which you assume the role of an investigator and attempt to solve terrifying eldritch mysteries. Each game is a chapter in a longer campaign, where decisions carry far-reaching and unexpected consequences. Fantasy Flight calls this a Living Card Game, as new cards and adventures are released regularly, allowing you to customize your deck and continually play new adventures.

Perfect Starting Point

This Revised Core Set is the perfect starting place to get into this game. With a single copy of the Revised Core Set, you have everything you need to start playing with one to four players.

Pick a pre-built investigator deck and leap into the Night of the Zealot campaign contained in the Core Set .

(The previous edition didn't require you own two Core sets, but it was a much better game with two core sets; you only need a single core set with this edition. You also had to find the right cards to assemble your first deck; here it comes prepackaged so you can get started right away!)

Once you've completed the Night of the Zealot campaign (three chapters in length), there are plenty of options for choosing your next campaign.

The Revised Core Set is fully compatible with all previously released Arkham Horror: The Card Game products.

What's Different?

If you're already an Arkham Horror LCG player, there are no new cards, rules, or adventures. However, there are a few changes:

  • Storage! The new core set box has room to store your cards for both the core set and additional expansions.
  • Chaos bag is included (!!!)
  • New artwork
  • Additional cards (previously in other expansions)

Player Cards and mini cards with new art:

  • Agnes Baker
  • Daisy Walker
  • Roland Banks
  • "Skids" O'Toole
  • Wendy Adams

Encounter Cards with new art:

  • Locked Door
  • Main Path
  • Parlor
  • Umordhoth

Player Cards with new art:

  • Abandoned and Alone
  • Baseball Bat
  • Burglary
  • Daisy's Tote Bag
  • Dark Memory
  • Deduction
  • First Aid
  • Guard Dog
  • Hard Knocks
  • Medical Texts
  • Overpower
  • Scavenging
  • Unexpected Courage
  • Wendy's Amulet
  • Will to Survive
  • Working a Hunch

Cards from early expansions now included

  • First Aid (3) [Guardian]
  • I've Had Worse (4) [Guardian]
  • Rite of Seeking (2) [Mystic]
  • Scrying (3) [Mystic]
  • .41 Derringer (2) [Rogue]
  • Lockpicks (1) [Rogue]
  • Old Book of Lore (3) [Seeker]
  • Seeking Answers (2)[Seeker]
  • Aquinnah (3) [Survivor]
  • Eucatastrophe [Survivor]
  • Charisma [Neutral]
  • Emergency Cache (2) [Neutral]
  • Relic Hunter [Neutral]


  • 5 Investigator Cards
  • 5 Mini-Cards
  • 111 Scenario Cards
  • 245 Player Cards
  • 61 Resource Tokens
  • 44 Chaos Tokens
  • 27 Horror Tokens
  • 40 Damage Tokens
  • 57 Clue/Doom Tokens
  • 1 Campaign Guide
  • 1 Learn to Play Book
  • 1 Rules Reference Guide