Bang! Expansion : Dodge City

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Dodge City: a populous, chaotic, thriving city ... frequented by the some of the baddest, meanest, quickest draws this side of the Mississippi! 

The Dodge City expansion provides

  • new characters
  • new cards
  • new roles
  • adds an 8th player!

The High Noon expansion adds a special deck that changes the rules each turn!

Buckle up, partner, and welcome to Dodge City!

This is not a standalone game. It requires a copy of the base game Bang!


  • 15 Character Cards
  • 8 Role Cards
  • 40 Playing Cards
  • 1 Summary Card
  • 4 Bullets
  • 1 Playing Board


Players: 3 - 8
Ages: 8+
Designer: Emiliano Sciarra