Catan (5th ed) Expansion : Explorers and Pirates
Catan (5th ed) Expansion : Explorers and Pirates
Catan (5th ed) Expansion : Explorers and Pirates
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Catan (5th ed) Expansion : Explorers and Pirates

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Sent out by the Council of Catan, you set out for uncharted areas to build new outposts. Dangerous pirate lairs, rich fishing grounds, and helpful indigenous villages await you beyond the horizon.

The Explorers & Pirates expansion has a modular concept. In the introductory game, you are familiarized with the basic rules; then, piece by piece, you play the other scenarios containing the previously described missions. Afterwards, you can take your pick which scenario(s) you would most like to play.

After you have played the first four scenarios, in scenario 5 – which bears the name of the expansion – you can complete all 3 previously described missions at the same time. Here, on the largest possible game board, you play until one of the players reaches 17 victory points. Playing this scenario for skilled Catan fans can easily turn the whole evening into an exciting experience.

This expansion requires the base game of Catan to play.


  • 16 Harbor Settlements
  • 32 Adventurers 
  • 12 Ships
  • 8 Settlers 
  • 12 Markers
  • 4 Pirate Ships 
  • 6 Fish
  • 24 Spice Sacks 
  • 76 Gold Coins
  • 12 Frame Pieces
  • 6 Gold Field Hexes
  • 6 Fish Shoal Hexes
  • 6 Spice Hexes
  • 12 Terrain Hexes
  • 12 Number Tokens
  • 6 pirate lair tokens
  • 3 Mission Cards
  • 3 Mission Victory Point Cards
  • 4 Building Cost Cards


Players: 2-4
Ages: 12+
Designer: Klaus Teuber



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