Workshop | Mini Painting

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Workshop | Mini Painting

w/ Lauren Bilanko or Johnni Medina

Virtual Event, 2 hours


In this workshop we will guide you through a variety of painting techniques and help you achieve the desired results for the individual miniature you are working on. This class is great for those new to mini painting as well as anyone looking to improve on advanced techniques. We understand that every miniature can present their own unique challenges and we are here to help you work through them. Take this course as many times as you like. We look forward to painting with you!

Each session is broken down into the various stages of progress. If you have already started painting with us or on your own, we will begin the next class at the stage you are at.

Stage 1 : Color Mixing, Priming, and Base Coat

Stage 2 : Washes & Dry Brushing

Stage 3 : Layering, Glazing & Detailing

Private Workshop

1 session $59.99 

3 sessions $149.99

In a private workshop we will start where you are and work towards where you want to be. This workshop is a one on one and hands on. We will paint with you demonstrating and discussing each technique as we go.  


What You’ll Need

  • An email account to log into a Google Meet or Zoom video call

  • A computer, phone or tablet mounted for viewing

  • Miniature, Paints, & Brushes (we have Paint Kits too)