Deck of Player Safety

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The Deck of Player Safety is a fast, anonymous safety tool for in-person Tabletop Roleplaying Games.

Each player at your table scans the entire deck for any hot-buttons they want excluded from play or selects an "Anything Goes" card. Players keep their cards facedown for the GM to collect, assuring anonymity. After collecting all cards, the GM will shuffle the cards, review any hot-buttons with the group, make any last-minute adjustments, and get rolling.

Included in the deck are:

  • 30 hot-button cards, each with a different hot-button topic
  • 12 "Anything Goes" cards
  • 8 short-form instructional cards you can hand out to remind your players of the process
  • 2 blank cards upon which you can write custom hot-buttons
  • 2 "X-Cards" to implement the optional X-Card Safety Tool by John Stavropoulos
  • Instructions on how to add the Deck of Player Safety to any game and recommendations for adjusting your game on the fly based on the process