Deck of Stories Volume 1

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The Deck of Stories is a fresh new storytelling system that helps you create a legendary adventure in 15 minutes.

Launch your adventure by shuffling the Story Cards and drawing three. After reading the prompts, arrange them in the order that makes the most sense to you, taking cues from the ORC story-telling system – Opening, Rising or Climactic Action. Now you have a beginning, middle, and end for your story that’s loose enough to adapt but structured enough to move the story forward. Not what you wanted? Shuffle and re-draw.

A solid O, R, or C at the top of each card helps you decide where to place it in your story structure. Keep in mind that the story structure you create is not rigid. Story Cards can often be used in more than one section of a story.

The possibilities are limitless! Use this as a simple way to create new stories, or integrate these cards into your game preparation. Go forth and create an adventure!

Key Features
  • Create a legendary adventure in 15 minutes
  • Thousands of combinations
  • Spark your creativity

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