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Transfers, cancellations, or any other changes must be made 48 hours prior to event to receive a credit for a future event. Refunds will not be provided.

Adventurers Wanted!

Join us for SideQuest Saturdays & Sundays – a series of roleplaying adventures guided by Twenty Sided's amazing team of storytellers.

Beginners welcome!

Character Creation is part of each event.

All materials will be provided – we welcome you to bring your own as well.

*Please note that our downstairs event space is accessible by a flight of stairs.

CBR + PNK | Their Eyes are Everywhere
w/ Alex

SAT 5/11 – Check in @ 3:45p, Starts at 4p-7p

Welcome to Mona Rise Megalopolis, the largest coastal center in Europe. The government here was neutralized during the war fifty years ago, and the urban complex is currently controlled by three companies that are infiltrated throughout the civil, digital, and political infrastructure. You are here for work. An unknown contact has offered you a job you can't refuse - but be careful in the city. They see you even now, cowboy.

D&D 5e Spelljammer | Adventures in Space
w/ Alex

SUN 5/12 & SAT 5/18Check in @ 3:45p, Starts at 4p-7p

You are passengers aboard a pleasure cruise sailing through the Astral Sea. Your destination passes through a stunning gas nebula. All seems well aboard your ship - but any Wildspacer worth their salt knows that the seas can turn ugly in the blink of an eye. Chaos erupts on the deck of the ship and you must use your spelljamming expertise to turn the tide in your favor.

Free entry with purchase of the game.

Candela Obscura | Cowboy Bebop
w/ Guest Guide Chris Wood

SUN 5/19 – Check in @ 3:45p, Starts at 4p-7p

Luck Be A Lady

You are the bounty hunters of the spaceship BEBOP, sailing across the galaxy trying to drum up enough work to keep food on the table and gas in the tank. After stopping on Mars one rainy day, a seemingly random act of violence thrusts you into the middle of a vast operation involving crime syndicates, desperate people, and one very lucrative bounty holding all the cards.

Avatar Legends | Republic City
w/ Alex

SAT 5/25 – Check in @ 3:45p, Starts at 4p-7p

Welcome to Republic City - a city on the move! Home to pro-benders, celebrities, and the Avatar! Such bold personalities inhabit the bustling streets - but don't trust everyone you meet. The Triple Threats and Creeping Crystal Triad fight for territory; meanwhile, Equalists riot from the shadows. Who will step up and save Republic City?

About the Guides

Alex Weeks (he/him) Hi! My name is Alex Weeks. I am a voice actor based out of my small apartment in New York. I have a deep love for games of all kinds, and have been guiding Roleplaying games for just over a decade now. I'm thrilled to have you join my table - let's have some fun!
Instagram: @alex_c_weeks

Mickey Ryan (he/him) is based out of Brooklyn. Lover of all things dorkery, Mickey’s been roleplaying and gaming since he was unleashed onto the mean streets of New Jersey as a youngin’. When he’s not slingin’ spells you can probably find Mickey walking his furry faithful companion Leo, or furiously debating which pasta shape is best (the one in your bowl).

Lauren Bilanko (she/her)