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A metropolis built around the trees, Shine City was too bright. The people's Perfectionism destroyed lives and families, until at last it consumed the city itself.

The riverside village of Purewater was destroyed by its Faith. The Riverlings' refusal to reconcile their religion with the appearance of the new god of land led to violence and divine punishment.

Beautiful and elegant, the people of the Fair Isles fell to their Vanity, for beneath their masks lurked a deep mistrust of anything beyond their comfortable norms.

In Downfall, you choose a Flaw you want to explore and build a unique and irredeemably broken world around it. See how Greed destroys a city, how Loyalty corrupts a kingdom, or how Curiosity betrays a galactic empire.

You’ll craft traditions that bring your society to life, then see how it all comes tumbling down.

What Flaw will be the root of your society's downfall?


  • 2016 Best Setting Indie Groundbreaker Award
  • 2016 Game of the Year Indie Groundbreaker nominee


System: Custom
Mechanic: GM-less & Dice-less 
Number of Players: 3 
Genre: Various
Tone: Serious
Themes: Worldbuilding, Circle of Life