Eclipse Expansion : Ship Pack One

Eclipse Expansion : Ship Pack One

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Continue the struggle, with the first ship pack expansion of Eclipse.

This expansion of Eclipse contains a full set of ships for the six base game aliens, designed to represent specific specie, as well as some new exclusive cardboard components

This is not a standalone game. The base game of Eclipse is required to play.


  • 108 Plastic Ship Models
  • 1 Player Board
  • 1 Starting Sector Hex
  • 3 Ambassador Tiles
  • 1 Outer Sector Hex
  • 1 Tractor Beam Rare Technology Tile
  • 1 Security Council Development Tile
  • 2 Ancient Interceptors Discovery Tiles
  • 1 Advanced GCDS Tile
  • 6 +40 Storage Markers
  • 2 Turn Order Boards
  • 10 Turn Order Markers
  • 9 Next Turn Order Markers


Players: 2-6
Ages: 14+
Designer: Touko Tahkokallio

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