Everything is Dolphins

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Everything is Dolphins is a role playing game hovering somewhere between side scroller video game, talking animal fairy tale, and triptastic fun. It's a pen and paper RPG that you play at a table, not a computer RPG - don't be confused. It's also an art book with work by a selection of high and low and elsewhere artists. The simple rules are a mix of OSR nihilism with a touch of Burning Wheel resolution.

Includes artwork by Tarn Adams, Alejandra Alarcón, Jordan Bernier, Robert Bjurshagen, YaYa Chou, Joy Drury Cox, Caitlin Cunningham, Dame Darcy, Gretzky, Ellen Grossman, Wonder Koch, Charles Loving, Sean McCarthy, Alba Castaño Menéndez, Kayo Nakamura, Christine Nguyen, Casey Jex Smith, Elizabeth Stevens, and Leslie Winchester.