Explorers of Ixalan

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An out-of-the-box multiplayer Magic experience. Defeat your opponents as you search for the lost city!

Explore the tile-based map, uncovering bonuses that will swing the tide of battle in your favor! Explorers of Ixalan is a multiplayer free-for-all battle, so don't let your opponents conquer your site tiles!

Play as one one of four rival tribes: Vampires, Pirates, Merfolk, or Dinosaurs. Defend the city against your opponents and claim dominion over Ixalan!

Along with your four 60-card decks, you will find 8 new pieces of Magic artwork in this new Magic experience!


  • 4 60-Card Decks
  • 50 Map Tiles
  • 20 Double-Sided Tokens
  • 36 +1/+1 Counters
  • 4 Scot Markers
  • 4 Deck Boxes
  • Rules Insert


Players: 2 - 4
Ages: 13+
Runtime: 30m
Designer: Peter Lee, Yoni Skolnik