Ghost Pirates

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Two mighty galleons face off, a crew of pirates eyeing each other and reaching for their scimitars. As their captain, you will lead the charge. You stare at the other captain, and see that she will not go down with a fight either. This isn't over until one of you walk the plank...

Ghost Pirates is a tactical action card game for two players and is suitable for ages 13+. It's a great light-weight game that suits all levels of players including kids and parents, and couples.

Gameplay is designed to emulate tactical melee battles with a unique dice mechanic that is easy to learn and quick to play, especially for beginning gamers. It bears certain similarities to wargames like Axis and Allies, but on a much smaller, more fast-paced scale.


  • 72 Cards
  • 34 Crew Tokens
  • Pirate Themed 6-Sided Dice


Players: 2
Ages: 13+
Runtime: 30 - 45m
Designer: Tim Rodriguez