Gloom (2nd ed) Expansion : Unquiet Dead
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Gloom (2nd ed) Expansion : Unquiet Dead

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With several new rules expansions, Unquiet Dead makes a lot of noise. Now your family members can join the ranks of the Undead and squabble over Stories, like The Aisle of Dr. Moreau or the classic Grave Expectations.

To use Unquiet Dead, just add the 55 transparent cards in this set to your copy of Gloom to add morbid new Modifiers, Events, and Untimely Deaths — not to mention Stories — to your unfortunate entertainment.

New Rules for Unquiet Dead


  • "Undead" is a persistent effect found on some Modifier cards.
  • An Undead Modifier can be played on either a living or dead Character. If it's played on a dead Character, remove their Untimely Death card.
  • Undead Characters count as being dead for scoring and ending the game, but you can continue to play Modifier and Event cards on them.
  • You can't play an Untimely Death card on an Undead Character.
  • If an Undead Modifier card is ever removed a Character, the Character is alive again!


  •  A Story card gives an advantage to the player who controls it… but others can steal it!
  • As either play on your turn, you can take (or steal!) a Story and put it near you family, immediately gaining its benefits. 
  • You keep a Story card and its effect even if you lose the required icons; this makes it easier for others to steal it from you.
  • You may only have one Story card. If you claim a second, put your old one back in the center of the table.

Other Notes

  • Backwards compatibility is completely maintained between Gloom's first and second edition core game and expansions. You can use second edition expansions with your original edition core game, and vice versa.


  • 55 Transparent Cards


Players: 2-4
Ages: 13+
Designer: Keith Baker

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