Gloom (2nd ed) Expansion : Unwelcome Guests
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Gloom (2nd ed) Expansion : Unwelcome Guests

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Unwelcome Guests is named for its horrible houseguests, a collection of undesirable characters who move from family to family during the game, with ruinous results. But that's not all: new persistent effect icons allow some cards' special effects to continue to be active even if covered by another card.

To use Unwelcome Guests, just mix its 55 transparent cards together with your other Gloom cards to add morbid new Modifiers, Events, and Untimely Deaths to your unfortunate entertainment.

New Rules for Unwelcome Guests

Unwelcome Guests

  • Deal one or more Unwelcome Guest cards face up to the table's center at the start of the game, setting the rest aside.
  • Guests "follow" the card types noted on them; no matter where it currently is, a living Guest immediately moves to join the family of the Character its attached to.
  • All its Modifiers are moved with it, and it's considered a member of that family until it moves again.

Persistent Effects

  • Persistent effects on Guests and Modifiers continue after the card with the effect is buried beneath another card.

Other Notes

  • Backwards compatibility is completely maintained between Gloom's first and second edition core game and expansions. You can use second edition expansions with your original edition core game, and vice versa.
  • In Unwelcome Guests 2nd Edition, three Modifiers were turned into Transformations.
  • Unwelcome Guests expands the Gloom core game so it can be played with up to five players. Even if you have other expansions that add even more families, games with more than five players aren't recommended.


  • 55 Transparent Cards


Players: 2-4
Ages: 13+
Designer: Keith Baker

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