Hive Pocket

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Hive the game of buggy chess, is now on the go with Hive Pocket!

This version is great for taking on trips where space is an issue or for backpacking where weight and space may be a problem. Playing the game even on small airplane tables is now easier than ever.

Hive Pocket is the very same wonderful game as the standard Hive, with the same quality you'd expect, but much smaller and more compact.

Up your game with the Pillbug Expansion!


  • 26 Tactile Game Pieces
  • 3 White & Black Ants 
  • 2 White & Black Spiders 
  • 2 White & Black Beetles
  • 3 White & Black Grasshoppers 
  • 1 White & Black Queen Bee
  • 1 White & Black Mosquito
  • 1 White & Black Ladybug
  • Soft Travel Bag
  • Illustrated Rules Leaflet


Players: 2
Ages: 9+
Runtime: 20m
Designer: John Yianni