Hot Guys Making Out

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You look between your shy ward Gonsalvo, your kind maid Maria, and your loyal butler Olivier. You knew Olivier and Maria mean well but you wondered if their advice was to be trusted. In the end, it was only ever Gonsalvo you could trust. It had always been Gonsalvo... 

Hot Guys Making Out is about the relationship between Honoré, a former nobleman, and Gonsalvo, his ward. Set in a remote village in the Pyrenees during the Spanish Civil War, these two men are going to have to confront a very important problem... that they both totally have the hots for each other.  Also there are other people trying to kill them, but that's secondary. 

Hot Guys Making Out takes 1-2 hours to play (in a 4 hour “one shot game” slot you can play two games), is simple and easy to learn, and can be played either as a single story or as chapters in an ongoing game. Though set in history, you do not need to know anything about the setting or event itself to play. 

Primarily a 2 player game, there are two additional characters for groups of up to four, as well as rules for character creation to create a new cast of hot guys who want to make out. 


Mechanic: Playing cards
Number of Players: 2 - 4
Genre: Historical / Period
Tone: Serious
Themes: Romance, Identity


Character Descriptions and Gameplay