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Illimat was initially created to be a prop for a The Decemberists music video. The band liked it so much, they reached out to the creator of Gloom to make it into a playable game - and Illimat was born!

Illimat has the style and flavor of a classic card game with a dynamic twist.

As you play, you combine cards and collect them, trying to gather more than your opponents. But hidden luminaries and changing seasons can alter your plans.

Other great features of Illimat:

  • a single round takes 15 minutes
  • the box is a playable component of the game, controlling the seasons
  • great for devoted and new gamers alike
  • easy to learn
  • gorgeous art work and design


  • 1 24” x 24” Cloth Board
  • 65-Card Linen Finish Deck
  • 8 Tarot-Sized Luminary Cards
  • 4 Metal Okus Tokens
  • 4 Glass Point Counters
  • Cloth Storage Bag
  • Full-Color Rulebook


Players: 2-4
Ages: 12+
Designer: Keith Baker