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Insider is a game that deals with questions of communication. While communicating with other players, you have to find the right answers to questions, and also find the Insider that is manipulating the discussion

The game begins with a quiz similar to twenty questions, in which the Game Master knows the theme and players try to guess it using yes or no questions. If they can't figure it out in 5 minutes, they lose!

However, they have some help. There is an Insider who knows the theme, subtly trying to lead the questions the right way. But they must be careful - if they are discovered, they lose! 

Insider revolves around discussion, which can be played even with little time and will entertain players of all ages!


  • 42 Theme Cards
  • 8 Role Cards
  • 5-Minute Timer
  • Manual


Players: 4 - 8
Ages: 9+
Designer: Kwaji, Daichi Okano, Kito Shinma, Akihiro Itoh