Just One

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Just One is cooperative party game in which you and your friends work together to discover as many mystery words as possible.

Use clues to communicate with your teammate, and be unique - identical clues will cancel out!

Each turn, you'll draw a card and pick a number. This number will signal to the other players the word they want to help you guess! Each person will write JUST ONE word on a dry erase board! (The word is mouse, so maybe the word cheese will help, or small, or Mickey!) 

Before you show the guesser, you show each other! All matching clues are erased! Only the unique clues remain, so think hard before you write. You have JUST ONE chance!

Get as close to 13 points as possible!  


  • 110 Cards
  • 7 Easels
  • 7 Erasable Felt Markers
  • 1 Rulebook 


Players: 3 - 7, 7+ in teams
Ages: 8+
Runtime: 20m
Designer: Ludovic Roudy, Bruno Sautter