Kingdom (2nd ed)

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Kingdoms are all around us. They are the communities that unite us.

The colonists are excited even if it means abandoning our carefully calculated settlement plans. But by now all the players suspect that Captain Browning (ahem, *Acting* Captain Browning) cares more about looking like a good leader than being one. He's in charge and he wants to keep it that way.

Captain Browning carefully straightens his uniform, then flips the switch to make a ship-wide address…

Your Kingdom can be any group or organization that interests you. You could play a Wild West frontier town, a colony ship crawling to a distant star, or a sprawling Empire holding conquered peoples beneath its thumb.

As you play, you'll confront your Kingdom and your characters with Crossroads, critical decisions that may change your community forever. What will your Kingdom do? What will it become? Strive to make your Kingdom live up to your ideals... or watch as it burns.

The Kingdom is in your hands. The question is: will you change the Kingdom or will the Kingdom change you?

Includes over twenty sample Kingdoms to get you started quickly, from the mercenaries of the Banner of the Black Serpent, to the galactic weapon-smiths of Starfall, to the wealthy dilettante mystics of the Eye of Osiris, to the devoted doctors of Sawyer Memorial Hospital.


System: Custom
Mechanic: GM-less
Number of Players: 2 - 5
Genre: Various
Tone: Various
Themes: Organizations, Power