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Our relationship is in trouble.

But bringing that up never helps.

Instead, let's focus on our new flat pack furniture that just arrived! If we can just put it together, CORRECTLY, without it becoming a whole thing, everything will be fine.

And we'll be fine.

We'll be fine, right?

The goal of KÖ-OP is to work together with your partner to score as many Meatballs as possible, while assembling 3 pieces of furniture from your favorite flat pack store. You'll define your relationship, pick out furniture, assemble it and have a heart to heart– all in the name of having a new bookshelf to finally put in your living room.


  • 2 All-In-One Key
  • 5 Love Language Dials
  • 1 Random Bag of Parts
  • 1 Knolling Card
  • 20 Communication Cards
  • 2 Guide Cards
  • 15 Manual Pages
  • 9 Needs Cards
  • 10 Hardship Cards
  • 1 Center


Players: 2
Ages: 13+
Runtime: 25m
Designer: Patrick Brennan
Illustrator: Alisha Wilkerson