Pro Painted Miniature by Lauren Bilanko | Shea Gomore

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Custom painted miniatures by Lauren Bilanko

Inspired by the World of Mira, each miniature is hand painted and one of a kind. 

Shea Gomore

Shea is a minor celebrity who makes the rounds in Mira touting her druidic healing powers and deep connection with nature like a public-access televangelist. While she does have quite a bit of influence, she definitely does not believe in her cause. She mostly sells her books of “prophecies” and other useless snake oil potions to make a profit.


Species: Young Elf

Profile: Grifter

Specializations: Celebrity, Activist

Height: 1.5"

Base: 1"

Model: D&D Nolzur's Marvelous : Human Druid (Female)

Paint: Reaper Master Series

Year: 2018


Commissions are available. Please contact for more details.