Mini - Reaper Bones 77208 Anwyn (Elf Bard)

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Hero, Medium

Lift your flute and bolster your companions with the power of music when you play as this female bard. This mini can be painted to represent a human or an elf.

Playing In Mira

Play as any of the human variants! Whether you are an Orivir (Tallfolk), an Elf (Elder), Archura (Seer), Moonwalker (Human Wolf) or Symn (Human Cyborg) your adventures through Mira will be legendary. This mini may also be a Mica (Mineral Genus) in one of their forms!


The perfect accessory for any tabletop roleplaying game, Reaper high definition Bones miniatures are made of polymer plastic that are ready-to-paint, and do not need to be primed.