MTG Booster Pack Seeded : Strixhaven School of Mages (STX)

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These booster packs feature one of the Strixhaven schools, ensuring you have the cards you need to create the deck you want!

Join Lorehold if the idea of an adventuring scholar seems like the life for you! Leave no stone unturned. 

Or perhaps your creativity will find a foothold among the showy magicians of Prismari. Express yourself with the elements.

Quandrix loves quandaries, mixing mathematical precision with magical ability. Math is magic.

Charisma has been weaponized by the eloquent leaders of Silverquill. Sharp style, sharper wit.

In Witherbloom, nature and biology is more badass than ever. Get your hands dirty.

These booster packs are assorted. Online orders will be fulfilled randomly.