MTG Prerelease Pack : Dominaria (DOM)

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There's no better place than Dominaria, the setting for many of the early adventures that shaped the Multiverse. It's only fitting that as we celebrate 25 years of our favorite game, we head back to where it all began. Dominaria is a plane of legend, filled with friends, foes, and fables both familiar and foreign.

Featured Mechanics

  • Saga
  • Historic
  • Kicker
  • Legendary Sorceries
  • Hexproof From...

Prerelease Pack Contents

  • 6 sealed booster packs
  • 1 foil Rare or Mythic Rare Promo card
  • 1 Spindown Die

Booster Pack Contents

Each booster pack contains:

  • 1 Rare or Mythic Rare 
  • 3 Uncommons
  • 10 Commons
  • 1 random Land
  • 1 Token card
  • One of the above cards will be a legendary creature