MTG Starter Kit : The Lord of the Rings : Tales of Middle-earth (LTR)

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Release Date: Jun 16, 2023

Join the Fellowship!

Magic meets The Lord of the Rings– experience the beloved story and immerse yourself in Middle-earth with unique mechanics and stunning art that draw you into this epic tale! Journey with familiar favorites on a whole new adventure, there and back again, filled with valor, courage, and second breakfast.

Starter Kits are the best way to learn to play Magic for fans who don't know where to start. With two 60-card decks, it's easy to learn and play with a friend. Plus, the deck's digital codes redeem for the same decks on MTG Arena, so new players can practice with their decks online.


  • 2 Ready-to-Play 60-Card Magic Decks (basic lands included)
  • 1 traditional foil card in each deck — Aragorn and Arwen, Wed and Sauron, the Lidless Eye
  • 1 Play Guide Booklet
  • 2 Deck Storage Boxes
  • 2 Magic: The Gathering Arena Redemption Cards