Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Red)

by Z-Man
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It starts simply. A virus tougher than the rest. Nothing your team can't handle. But as January turns to February, things take a turn for the worse. This is no ordinary virus. What results is a year that will never be forgotten.

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 is a unique and epic cooperative game where your decisions in one game carry over into future games.

  • Open sealed packets
  • Reveal hidden information
  • Unlock secrets that will change your world in unexpected ways
  • Characters will gain scars
  • Cities will panic
  • Diseases will mutate

Adapt to each new challenge and save humanity before it’s too late. The world will never be the same again.

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Note: The only difference between the Season 1 boxes are the color. Really! It'll be the easiest choice you make in a Pandemic game. 


  • Rulebook
  • 1 Game Board
  • 5 Character Cards
  • 4 Pawns
  • 4 Reference Cards 
  • 61 Player Cards
  • 48 Infection Cards
  • 62 Legacy Cards
  • 4 Civilian Cards
  • 5 Dossiers
  • 1 Sticker Sheet
  • 4 Cure Markers
  • 1 Infection Rate Marker
  • 1 Outbreaks Marker
  • 1 Reminder Token
  • 96 Disease Cubes
  • 1 Package Box with 8 Numbered Packages
  • 6 Research Stations


Players: 2-4
Ages: 13+
Designer: Rob Daviau, Matt Leacock



How to Play