Pathfinder (2nd ed) Adventure : The Slithering

by Paizo
SKU: 14038
UPC: 9781640782723

The Slithering is an adventure for Pathfinder Second Edition, for 5th-level characters. At the edge of the Mwangi Expanse, innocent people struck by a terrible curse known as the slithering are melting into malevolent oozes. You might be the only ones capable of recovering the ancient magic required to break it. Race through colorful markets and shrines to untangle the curse's origin and discover the unfolding conspiracy. Will you survive The Slithering?

This adventure contains:
  • Terrifying new monsters
  • New rules and magic items
  • An in-depth look at Kibwe, one of the most exciting cities in the Mwangi Expanse


System: Modified D&D 3.5
Mechanic: GM & Dice
Number of Players: 3 - 5
Genre: Fantasy
Tone: Serious
Themes: Exploration, Adventure