Recipe on Kmiydish Paper

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Recipe on Kmiydish Paper is a solo journaling game about delicious food and the communities who prepare it.

You play as food, your building blocks written on Kmiydish paper as a recipe. You will live many lives. You will be erased, rewritten and copied down in a grandkid's journal after years of begging. As you are prepared, safeguarded and handed down through generation, you will create the worlds in which you exist.

What are the hidden histories behind our favorite dishes and what would it look like if history was written through their eyes?


System: Solo Journaling
Mechanic: Writing Utensil, Music
Number of Players: 1 (but adjustable)
Genre: Fantasy
Tone: Serious
Themes: Legacy, Tradition, Food, Community
Designer: Pearse Anderson, Aylin Erkan