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Sherwood is a game about outlaws. Like the earliest outlaw stories, it takes place in an England of chivalric romance, so the outlaws may encounter aristocratic sorcerers and mythical beasts or wield strange magic of their own. Like the later outlaw stories, the outlaws are not waiting for a true king to return and grant pardons, but have gone to the woods to pursue justice and rescue people from predatory powers that be.

Be an outlaw! Fight for something! Dabble with magic! Embrace Diveristy! Go into the forest and find the range of people living free of white supremacy, religious bigotry, and cis-gender heterosexuality.

  • Simple 2d6 action-resolution system, with downtime and advancement rules

  • PDF supplement and downloadable Character Sheets included with purchase

  • Details

    System: 2d6 Action-Resolution
    Mechanic: GM & Dice
    Genre: Medieval England
    Themes: Outlaws, Corruption, Sabotage, Feudal Systems, Fighting the Power!
    Designer: Richard Ruane