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Shock: Social Science Fiction is Joshua A.C. Newman’s fiction game of culture and future shock. Shock pushes players to make stories that matter to you — stories about politics, philosophy, love, and death.

At the core of the world-creation system is the Grid, a method of world creation that crosses social concerns with Shocks to build a fictional world, custom-built for the type of story you want to explore.

Use your ownership to give detail and vibrancy to the world, or wait until you’re Audience to apply your editing to each scene, building continuity and adding richness through Minutiæ.

Players pursue the interests of both Protagonists and Antagonists, drawing on their principles with motivation and resources. Play highlights what you care about as a player and gives you the tools to highlight and question the things you care about.

Build your future. Burn it down.

Build a new one.


System: Custom
Mechanic: GM-less, Dice
Players: 2+ (45 min/player)
Genre: Science Fiction
Tone: Serious
Theme: Culture/Future Shock, Philosophy, Politics, Love
Inspirations: the works of Bruce Sterling, Kim Stanley Robinson, Ursula K. LeGuin, and Philip K. Dick