Space Alert (2nd ed)

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Space Alert is a team survival game in which you and your friends get to experience the thrills of space!

Players take on the role of a crew of space explorers sent out through hyperspace to survey a dangerous sector of the Galaxy.

The pace of the game is set by 10-minute soundtracks on included CDs (or by scenario cards, if you don’t have a CD player). During these 10 minutes, the crew must defend the ship. If they succeed, the ship brings back valuable data. If they fail… it is time to train a new crew.

Players work together against the challenge presented by the game. The difficulty of this challenge can be chosen by the players themselves

Will your crew survive?


  • 1 Spaceship Board
  • 10 Action Boards in 5 Colors
  • 7 Trajectory Boards
  • 1 Mission Steps Board
  • 10 Plastic Figures
  • 55+ Blocks in 6 Colors
  • 1 Blue and 3 Green Cylinders
  • 90 Action Cards
  • 6 Heroic Action Cards
  • 55 Threat Cards
  • 18 Damage Tiles
  • 26 Internal Threat Tokens
  • 16 Numbered Tokens
  • 1 CD with 16 Soundtracks
  • 1 Ship’s Log
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 "How to Become a Space Explorer"
  • Handbook


Players: 1-5
Ages: 14+
Designer: Vlaada Chvátil