The Feast on Titanhead

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 The year is uncertain. The place, the frozen edges of Europe. 

Amid a cluster of high and snow-covered peaks that make up the Dorag passage, the curiosity of a scientific expedition has caused a great portion of the mountainside to crumble away, revealing the hidden remains of a gigantic skull of unknown origins. Older than the mountains themselves, this antediluvian remnant is a glimpse into a long dead past. Succumbing to the pull of knowledge and the promise of fame amongst European academies, the expedition ventured in. 

Alas, they found nothing, but horror and despair.”

Manifestus Omnivorous

1. All books are adventures.
2. The adventures must be system-agnostic.
3. The adventures must take place on Earth.
4. The adventures can only have one location.
5. The adventures can only have one monster.
6. The adventures must include saprophagy or osteophagy.
7. The adventures must include a voracious eater.
8. The adventures must have less than 6,666 words.
9. The adventures can only be in two colours.
The lost rule:
10. The adventures cannot have good taste.

The Feast at Titanhead

A heavy-metal, grind-core RPG coated in weird-horror. One that speaks both to Lovecraft fans and those of movies like Saw. There is a big bad MONSTER that players will most likely not defeat. The LOCATION is the head of that very monster. And everything seems to be there to DEVOUR something.

Includes psychotic outbreaks, naked people popping their eyes out, grotesque masses of fungi and engines of growth/rebirth that reshape humans into abnormal masses of skin and soft-tissue. 

The Feast on Titanhead is a system-agnostic module for use with any traditional roleplaying game. 18+ only. 


System: Original
Mechanic: GM
Number of Players: 3 - 6
Genre: Horror
Tone: Dark
Themes: Gore, The Past, Discovery