The Institute for Magical Arts
The Institute for Magical Arts
Doctor Finn's Games

The Institute for Magical Arts

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The Institute for Magical Arts faces a crisis after the mysterious disappearance of its headmaster!

Two magicians vie for leadership of the prestigious institution.

Garner the support of other wizards and use your magical items to gain influence and power.

Circumstances change and power shifts quickly in this dice and card game for 2 players.


  • 40 Institute Cards
  • 2 Score Cards
  • 2 Scoring Markers
  • 54 Power Stones
  • 8 Dice
  • 6 Location Cards
  • 1 Portal Card
  • 12 Action Cards
  • 1 Ethereal Realm Card
  • 12 Charm Cubes
  • 2 Phase Cards
  • 1 Card Summary
  • 6 Reroll Cubes


Players: 2
Ages: 8+
Designer: Steve Finn



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