The Terminator RPG : Core Rulebook

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The Terminator RPG is the official roleplaying game based on The Terminator movie. Using the S5S System, this core rulebook is a toolbox to help you create your own campaign in The Terminator expanded universe.

Play as pre-generated characters, or create your own, tailored to your preferences, weapon choices and role within your team. If your character is killed, a new one can be brought in from the future, past or present. That new character can be many things– including an alternate you from a divergent timeline.

Only united with your fellow resistance fighters can you hope to beat the machines and save humankind from extinction.


  • Two mission packs
  • Detailed multiple campaign arcs
  • Campaign seeds
  • Mini-missions
  • Detailed locations, weapons and NPCs


System: S5S System
Mechanic: Director & Dice (d10)
Ages: 13+
Number of Players: 3-6
Genre: Sci-fi
Tone: Serious, Dark
Themes: Resistance, Corporate Greed, Multiple Timelines, Cyborgs
Designer: Andrew E.C. Gaska