Tiny Epic Galaxies

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Control a galactic empire and expand your influence! 

In Tiny Epic Galaxies you will acquire planets and build an armada using an innovative dice-rolling combo mechanic. How many dice you roll is determined by the strength of your galaxy, and these dice decide which kind of actions you can use. 

Watch out, however! Certain dice rolls allow other players to join in the scramble to collect resources, so there's no telling when you'll be thrown back into the action!  

Will your empire stand victorious?

Tiny Epic is a series of small box approachable board games featuring easy entry rule sets along with high strategy. Each Tiny Epic game is completely different in theme and mechanics and are truly unique.


  • 5 Galaxy Mats
  • 5 Empire Tokens
  • 5 Energy Tokens
  • 5 Culture Tokens
  • 12 Secret
  • 7 Action Dice
  • Mission Cards
  • 20 Ships
  • 1 Control Mat
  • 40 Planet Cards


Players: 1-5
Ages: 14+
Designer: Scott Almes