Transgender Deathmatch Legend

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In this wrestling, hexcrawl, beat-em-up roleplaying game for two players, you are a Transgender Deathmatch Legend! You built your legend with a tapestry of broken glass, bloody fists and banging slams. You put the hurt on anyone who tries you and tonight, no one is gonna stop you from getting where you need to be– at the center of the ring!

Mixing action movies of the 90s with exploitation films of the 70s, this hyper violent game pits one player, the Protagonist, against the other player, the Facilitator (who plays every other character, in and out of combat). Combat is resolved through a simple trick-taking card game.


System: Custom Hexcrawl
Mechanic: Trick-taking Card Game (fighting mechanics based on BLOOD//RUSH)
Ages: 14+
Number of Players: 2
Genre: Modern / Contemporary
Tone: Comedic, Over-the-top
Themes: Violence, Competition, Glory
Designer: Kayla Dice