Twenty Sided Adventures (2019) Smoke Mountain Lodge & the Gift of Madness (Print)

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A D&D adventure for bold adventurers.

Created By Lauren Bilanko & Todd James.
Written by Lauren Bilanko & Silviana Russo.
Art by Todd James.

Due to recent bouts of madness, the annual holiday tours at the Gift Maker’s Workshop have been cancelled. Nevertheless, many adventurers are excited to be invited to the Winter Solstice Festival at Smoke Mountain Lodge.

Smoke Mountain Lodge is a system neutral adventure that can be played with any roleplaying game system.

Smoke Mountain Lodge & The Gift of Madness was written for a Dungeons & Dragons release party at Twenty Sided Store, featuring a collaboration between Wizards of the Coast, Todd James, Mishka, and Twenty Sided Store.


System: System Agnostic
Mechanic: GM
Number of Players: 2 - 6
Genre: Modern, Fantasy
Tone: Silly, Serious, Horror
Themes: Exploration, Holidays, Mystery