Unlock! Epic Adventures

by Asmodee
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Unlock! is a series of escape adventures for up to six players. With one hour on the clock, players must work through a deck of sixty cards as a team, searching for clues, combining objects, and solving puzzles. The free Unlock! companion app runs the timer while providing clues, offering hints, and confirming successes. Once the team has reached a solution and entered the correct code into the app, they win the game!

Pick up three brand-new scenarios in the UNLOCK! Heroic Adventures big box!

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 The Seventh Screening

Grab your popcorn! Tonight, the horror movie "The Werewolf's Final Night" premieres. Will you get through unharmed?

The Dragon's Seven Tests

The gold Dragons temple welcomes every seven years new disciples. Be worthy of Master Li's teachings.

Mission #07

EAGLE, the secret organization has been infiltrated. Agents, it's up to you to identify the mole!


  • 1 Rulebook
  • 10 Card Tutorial
  • 3 Adventures 
    • 180 Cards
    • 2 Leaflets


Players: 1 - 6
Ages: 10+
Runtime: 1 - 1.5h
Designer: Cyril Demaegd, Guilaine Didier, Gabriel Durnerin, Théo Rivière