Unlock! Legendary Adventures

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Unlock! is a series of escape adventures for up to six players. With one hour on the clock, players must work through a deck of sixty cards as a team, searching for clues, combining objects, and solving puzzles. The free Unlock! companion app runs the timer while providing clues, offering hints, and confirming successes. Once the team has reached a solution and entered the correct code into the app, they win the game!

Pick up three brand-new scenarios in the UNLOCK! Legendary Adventures big box!

Action Story

The elusive Stella has stolen the world's most expensive gem! Stop her and take away her precious haul.

Robin Hood: Dead or Alive

Robin has fallen into the clutches of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Call upon his companions to free him from the dungeon.

Sherlock Holmes - The Case of the Burnt Angels

The most famous detective ever needs your help in solving a strange murder case.

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  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Tutorial
  • 10 Cards
  • 3 Adventures
  • 180 Cards
  • 1 Booklet
  • 1 Sheet of Paper


Players: 1 - 6
Ages: 10+
Runtime: 1h
Designer: Mathieu Casnin, Marion du Faouët, Dave Neale