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Behind the Scenes | Twenty Sided Adventures

The Past, Present, and Future of Twenty Sided Adventures


Twenty Sided Adventures launched in January this year and we are thrilled to keep the adventure going! The city of Blackbottom, set in the custom world of Mira, is the backdrop not only for past adventures, but for the Side Quest D&D Adventures we are running this November - and exciting new experiences we have in store for the future!

Never played a game in the world of Mira? Consider this your introduction!


World of Mira Illustration by Madeline Courtney
 Illustration by Madeline Courtney

World of Mira, City of Blackbottom

The city of Blackbottom is built into a mountain on the North Eastern coast of Mira. The sailors of Blackbottom guide their vessels across the sea by tracking the Twin Suns and Three Dragon Moons through the skies. Airships carry the rich and famous from the top of Blackbottom to neighboring cities, while large elephant-sized beetles called Maak carry the common folk. 

Blackbottom has a little for everyone. The catfolk Nimco of Meowtown easily scale the mountain’s sheer face, while humans and other races travel up bridges and pulley systems. The rich that live in The Heights enjoy frivolous nights out to the Falcon's Rest Ampitheatre, the middle class take to the markets in the Belt, and the street urchins who run Dock City try their luck in the Fighting Pits. 

Nevertheless, you are never sure who you might run into, and your fate can change in an instant. You may enjoy a drink with the famed actor Apollonas Petri at the Cliffside Casino, or buy an enchanted shield from the rough-and-tumble Lil Jerry at his Pawn Shop. Blackbottom University welcomes every person willing to learn, while the Fantômas Dojo seeks out only the most skilled to join their ancient order. 

The people of Blackbottom do not believe the gods have survived past atrocities, nor do they always believe in ideas such as Good or Evil. But you can believe - your time in Blackbottom will always be interesting.

Swing by the store and pick up a free Welcome Guide to Blackbottom for more information on the city, important organizations, and more!


Twenty Sided Adventures

Though Twenty Sided Adventures officially launched with the introduction of Mira, Lauren Bilanko and the creative team at Twenty Sided Store have been creating original content for years. The Runner Quest format, a unique D&D experience you can enjoy for free at our monthly Nitehawk Prospect Park event, was created with the custom adventure Pumpkin Dungeon and can only be experienced with us! Other adventures such as Salton Lake and Smoke Mountain Lodge are available for purchase in our stores and are easily implemented into new and existing roleplaying games!

As we look forward into the future of Twenty Sided Adventure, we want to celebrate the beginnings that have helped us get here!


Salton Lake Illustration by William Pope
Illustration by William Pope

Salton Lake

Salton Lake features a group of friends and frenemies reuniting at their high school reunion. Each brings with them tender memories, pressures of the past, and questions about the disappearance and death of their classmate...

Like our Blackbottom adventures, Salton Lake is system neutral and can be played in a variety of systems and settings. Easily play Salton Lake as a game of D&D or Kids on Bikes, or add d6’s to power it by the Apocalypse. Check out where Twenty Sided Adventures began by picking up a copy of Salton Lake!


Blackbottom Side Quests - Sneak Peek!

Join us in November in the world of Mira as we embark on a series of side quests! Taking place outside of the action of the first two chapters of Blackbottom, these adventures are perfect introductions to the world we are creating. If you have played in games set in Blackbottom, come check out what Lil’ Jerry has been up to, or what happened to the production of the Lover’s Quarrel after opening night.

More so than ever, these side quests will be player driven. Character creation will happen at the table, using custom backgrounds we have created for Twenty Sided Adventures, so it's a perfect opportunity to jump in if you have never played a game before or if you want to explore new characters! Where the story will go will rely on you! 



Written by Johnni Medina


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