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New Year, New Games!

It’s a new year, and that means there are 12 full months to play new games! For those of you with resolutions to have more fun (or slay more monsters) we at Twenty Sided Store have come up with a few of our favorite games to get your year started off right.

Tokyo Highway

In Tokyo Highway you want to be the player with the most cars on the highway, but first you have to build the roads! You and another player will take turns building pillars, laying roads, and then placing cars. This game provides fun, quick and simple gameplay for two players.

Ghostbusters Card Game

The Ghostbusters Card Game is a fast and family-friendly card game in which you compete to entrap and collect ghosts. In round one, you play play action cards, in round two you capture ghosts, and in the last round you refill your hand. After three rounds, you tally the score and declare a winner. If only fighting off the paranormal were so easy in real life.

Super Hazard Quest

Super Hazard Quest is a tabletop card game inspired by the classic age of video game side-scrollers in which you and your friends explore an ever-changing, randomly-generated level. Super Hazard Quest is a perfect warm up before your D & D campaigns or to lead off game night.

Flash Point Rescue

Flash Point

Winter is a dangerous time for house fires, and Flash Point drives that home as you and your friends work together to put out fires. Flash Point includes two different levels of difficulty and has multiple expansions to keep the game fresh and interesting.

Sneaky Cards

Sneaky Cards 1 and 2

If your resolution is to be more kind and more engaged with your community, Sneaky Cards may help. Register your deck and follow the prompts (such as “high five 5 people” or “give up your seat to a stranger”). Slowly but surely, you’ll pass your cards on to the victims of your acts of

kindness and be able to track and see the progress of the cards as they work their way around the world.

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards 4 : Panic at the Pleasure House

Panic at the Pleasure House is the newest installment of the Epic Spell Wars series. These epic card battles require strategy and discernment, and Panic at Pleasure House requires an extra level of… protection. MTDs (Magically Transmitted Diseases) are circulating and add an extra level to the strategy to this fast-paced card game.



Gloomhaven is a heavy board game (literally, it weighs twenty pounds) that comes packed full with detailed minis and tactic combat in Euro-inspired cardplay. This cooperative game puts you and your friends in the position of a band of mercenaries tasked with slaying monsters and clearing dungeons. Gloomhaven plays over multiple sessions with a Choose your Own Adventure flair.


Written by Johnni Medina

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