Review | Hometown Heroes

Review | Hometown Heroes

Favorite Local Games

The weather is cooling, summer travels wind towards a close, and vacations begin to become limited to stoops and local parks.

As autumn approaches, the beauty of New York keeps us in our neighborhoods, and for that reason we want to celebrate local games! In this blog, we’ll cover three of our favorite games created by local game designers! 

Someone Has Died

Oh dear, someone has died, and here you all are, gathered at the will arbitration. Armed with a character card, you will need to convince the estate keeper that the fortune belongs to you!

In this improvisational storytelling game, winning the estate is secondary to leaning in to your character and telling an interesting story. New York based designers and founders of Gather Round Games, Adi Slepack and Liz Roche discuss some of their favorite aspect of the game in an interview with us last year. Playtested in the store, we have an especially warm place in our hearts for Someone Has Died. 


Okay, big wigs, the studio wants another hit! Roll the Genre Die, draw Premise Cards, and pitch a title for the next big blockbuster!

The Brooklyn based company Galactic Sneeze has already proved they know how to make a good party game with Spank the Yeti. The good times continue in Schmovie, which uses similar voting and judge mechanics found in games like Cards Against Humanity. Each round you'll use the genre dice and a mix of a Who and What to make a silly movie title. Perfect for any group and all ages, Schmovie is one of our go-to party games!


Jump back into the world of computer text RPGs with Parsely, a collection of adventures! 

In Parsely, one person will act as the computer, and countless other players will take turns, offering one line commands that prompts a response for the "computer". This process will create fantastic, memorable stories! Considered one of the founding fathers of modern roleplaying, New York-based owner of Memento Mori Theatriks Jared Sorensen was kind enough to sit down with us and discuss Parsely! Parsely is one of our favorite RPGs when the adventuring party can't all meet.

Dead Friend : A Game of Necromancy

Your friend might be gone, but not forgotten... oh, it looks like your friend is back...

Dead Friend, a Game of Necromancy, is a two-player storytelling game that reunites two friends. You follow along with spellbook instructions that take you through a dramatic necromancy ritual. You and your friend will answer questions to develop your relationship and the world around you. Every game is different, and the mood can be anything from silly to heartwarming to creepy. It's up to you! Check out Lucian Kahn's interview with us to hear about how Dead Friend came to life! Dead Friend is an enduring favorite at Twenty Sided, so find out for yourself why we love it so much!




by Johnni Medina

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